How to look after your bra.

  • How to look after your bra.
    Bra, as well as any item of women's wardrobe, needs proper care. For your bra to please you with its unique appearance for a long time, you must follow some simple but effective care rules.

    The right way to wash your bra.
    Always try to hand-wash bra, using powders and liquids, that are made specifically for delicate fabrics. Before washing, make sure you have checked the effect of your washing powder on an inconspicuously small area of bra. No mood fro hand wash? For washing machine, you can use laundry mesh, mild detergent, and select the “delicate” washing mode. During hand wash It is to recommended to soak the bra for longer than 5 minutes. Make sure that you close bra hooks before washing. This is done to avoid any bra deformation and to protect other clothes from various damages. Also, make sure that water temperature does not exceed 30 ˚ degrees. When you are hand-washing it, try not to rub and turn out the product very strongly. White lingerie should be washed separately from coloured. You must avoid contact of gel fitted bras with any sharp products, to prevent any gel damage and its streaming form the cups.
    The best option for bra drying: is on a hanging position on a rope until it becomes completely dry. Please note, that very high temperature is bad for delicate bra’s fabric, so you have to avoid drying the product on the heater.
    Ironing and using the bleach is completely prohibited. To prevent any loss of bra's attractive shape and keep it soft, you should gently and carefully spread it while it is still wet. To avoid quick bra deterioration, you should change it every two or three days.
    When wearing a bra, try to wear dark bra under the dark clothes and light bras under light-colored clothes. Otherwise, outerwear may adversely affect the product.

    The right way to store bra.
    Note, that underwear should preferably be stored separately from other clothes. Choose quite spacious place. To avoid any deformation of the product during traveling or relocation, try not to put a bra “cup in the cup”, also avoid turning it inside out. Put a paper ball or special lining under each cup. To prevent bra’s deformation, you should fold it cut to cup. It is better to transport bra in a separate, well-sealed bag.